Low cholesterol ice cream

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What is the most interesting thing from one place or country, when we choose this place as our destination? For travelling worker, going abroad and then moving to other ones is not something new, but if you do not have experience as travelling worker, Italia is able to choose for holiday destination. In most countries, it is easy to find some Italian food such as pizza, but when coming to this country, there is Gelato which you should try. When accessing an internet, this is not different with an ice cream that we commonly find at our town. It does not matter to call it as ice cream or not, but this is very different compared to common ice cream. Yes, this is made by using traditional Italian style, so if when coming to Italia, certainly it will be memorable to try this and then comparing the taste with other ice cream choices that you can find worldwide.

Due to every country has its unique, so this ice cream is found as unique cuisine in Italia. This is really not new to find because the history was begin since 1686. Different with other ice cream, this is type of soft ice cream which contains a small amount of air. Besides that, this is made with lower calories, fat and sugar than other styles of ice cream. Trying this kind of ice cream does not mean you will get problem with your fat. Because of the lower calories, so this is proper for you, who is running diet program and avoiding some high cholesterol foods and beverages. This might different in taste, but this is made similar wit other style, where fruits and nut purees are used as the topping on it. The combination of fresh fruit with Gelato will give you different experience to meal ice cream.

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